PPI (Payment Protection Insurance)

What is PPI?

Payment protection insurance (usually just called “PPI” – or sometimes “loan protection”) covers your loan or debt repayments in the event of certain problems – for example, if you are unable to work because of illness, or you are made redundant.

How these insurance policies actually work – and the range of benefits they offer – can vary significantly from policy to policy.

Payment protection policies are usually sold as part of the deal when consumers take out a loan, mortgage or credit card. But it’s also possible to buy a “stand alone” PPI policy.

How was PPI mis-sold?

There are a number of ways PPI could have been mis-sold:

  • Your eligibility to claim was not assessed – if you had a pre-diagnosed medical condition or were self-employed, retired or a student, in many cases you would not be able to make a claim.
  • Lenders put pressure on you to take out the policy – for example by insinuating that you would be more likely to get approved for the finance if you took the policy.
  • Sales targets meant some sales people added PPI to finance without you even knowing.
  • You were not told about the alternative options to PPI – either different products or providers.
  • The terms and conditions of the PPI were not explained to you.
  • You had to pay for the policy up front (this is called a single premium policy).

Who sold PPI?

We have provided a list below of some lenders who could have sold you Payment Protection Insurance (PPI):

Who sold PPI?


What can you do?



You can start with a Free Check to see if you were ever sold or whether PPI was ever added to your account. Complete our Free PPI Check Form to get started and we can check with your Lender.


When PPI has been located

When we tell you that we have located your PPI(s), we will send you further paperwork to complete to start the claims process. Once you return the paperwork, or confirm over the telephone that you wish us to proceed with your Claim(s), we will commence the claims process. Our Fee of 36%, inclusive of VAT, will be payable on all successful Claims^, as per the Terms or Engagement (TOE) available here or, alternatively, you can complete the Claim(s) yourself.
^Please be aware that by completing one Letter of Authority and one Lender Questionnaire, that the Company may investigate all accounts where PPI has been applied, under the Instruction provided and that any successful Claim(s) will be subject to a Fee.

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