News Update

17 Feb 21

Fraudulent contact

We are aware that in recent weeks there have been scammers contacting individuals pretending to be The Claims Guys. This article will give you information generally about how to spot a scam, and also about what to do if you believe a scammer is fraudulently pretending to be The Claims Guys.
How to spot a scam
Scams can come in many forms, but the purpose of every scam is to obtain money through fraudulent means. … Read More »

9 Jan 21

Further update on our response to COVID-19

At present, all staff who can work from home are doing so, however, there are some roles that require staff to attend the office. The ongoing safety and wellbeing of our colleagues remains our priority during this time and we are wholly committed to providing a COVID-Secure workspace for colleagues working in our offices.
Our Services
Your Claims
At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic we mobilised our colleagues to work from home,… Read More »

6 Jan 21

Natwest paying expensive lawyers to defend small claims

It is believed that the NatWest group has spent more than £10,000 on individual court cases defending recent PPI claims. Judges in some cases have questioned why the bank, which is 62% owned by the taxpayer, is spending so much money on barristers and solicitors to defend small claims.
The deadline for making PPI claims passed in August 2019 but claims can still be made regarding undisclosed commission charges. … Read More »

1 Jan 21

The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on The Claims Guys (TCG)

The impact of Coronavirus is being felt in every sector of society and has impacted all businesses. Here at The Claims Guys we have reduced the number of people working from our office in line with government guidance and have many colleagues working from home to continue to provide our services to our customers. Our focus at present is ensuring the safety of our colleagues whilst doing everything we can to continue to support our customers and our business…. Read More »

15 Dec 20

Tax payments deducted from PPI refunds can be claimed back

PPI customers may not be aware that they are entitled to claim back tax that was automatically deducted from their PPI settlements.
What is a PPI tax claim?
There are usually three elements to a PPI settlement:

PPI premiums;
Contractual interest; and
Compensatory interest.

The compensatory interest element of a PPI settlement is considered taxable, as the HMRC consider it similar to the interest accrued on savings…. Read More »

20 Aug 20

PPI back in the spotlight

Mis-sold PPI has been widely reported in the media, with a particular focus on the issue in Summer 2019, prior to the August deadline for making complaints to lenders.
The fact that consumers who had PPI are still able to make claims has been much less publicised. Last weekend, however, The Times, among other news outlets, has now reported on a possible “second wave of PPI payouts”i and how lenders are trying to avoid this…. Read More »

3 Aug 20

Further update on our response to COVID-19

In line with Government guidance we have begun taking cautious steps towards a phased re-opening of our offices; this means that in addition to working from home some of our colleagues have started to attend our offices.
The ongoing safety and wellbeing of our colleagues remains our priority during this time and we are wholly committed to providing a COVID-Secure workspace for colleagues working in our offices…. Read More »

20 May 20

Coronavirus (COVID-19) scams

Both the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)i and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) ii have warned the public to be vigilant for scams related to the coronavirus pandemic.
Major events such as the pandemic create opportunities for criminals to exploit people when they are vulnerable, for example: due to ill health, concerned about loved ones, uncertain about their income. The FCA lists tactics that could be used by scammers,… Read More »

27 Apr 20

The FSCS to work with Deloitte

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) appointed the audit and tax giant Deloitte in March 2020 to support them with complex claims in a contract worth £19m over three years.
Deloitte will assist in the claims process, including: checking evidence, gathering information from third parties, determining the eligibility of consumers and the validity of their claims, and calculating compensation due. The decision to work with Deloitte is due to the need for high levels of experience and knowledge in dealing with complex cases,… Read More »

27 Apr 20

Over £38 billion paid out for mis-sold PPI (including administrative costs) following a rise in complaints for 2019

Industry Regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has released figures for monthly PPI pay outs up to November 2019. In November, Lenders refunded £379.6 million (including administrative costs) to Customers. This brings the total amount paid back to customers who complained about the sale of their PPI to £38 billion (including administrative costs), paid from January 2011 up to November 2019. It is likely we will see this amount increase over the coming months as Lender’s conclude their handling of the remaining PPI complaints…. Read More »