PBA (Packaged Bank Account)

What is a PBA?

It is a ‘paid-for’ account for which you pay a monthly or annual fee. These accounts can also be referred to as ‘gold’, ‘premium’, ‘upgraded’ or ‘reward’ accounts and usually cover a range of insurance and non-insurance benefits. Some of the benefits offered can be, but are not limited to: car breakdown cover, preferential rates on overdrafts or loans, use of airport lounges and discounts on various products and services.

How could my PBA have been mis-sold?

The following case study titles are given as ‘common complaints’ on the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) website. To read more about these case studies you should visit the FOS website.

  • The Bank pressured me into taking out a PBA
  • The Bank told me that I had to have the account to get an Overdraft, Credit Card or Loan
  • I did not know I had a PBA – I was not given a choice
  • The Bank sold me a PBA – but I already had some of the things it came with
  • I did not use the features that came with the PBA

Who sold PBAs?

We have provided a list below of some banks who could have sold you a PBA.

Who sold PBAs?

How can I get started?

Our PBA claim process works differently to the one in place for PPI:


Request a PBA Pack

Give us a call on 0203 651 4542 to request a PBA Pack.


Read and Complete the Initial Pack

Read the Initial Pack before completing all the documents within it. Please provide as much detail as you can.


Return the documents

Return the documents to us in the Freepost envelope we provide or, alternatively, write FREEPOST THE CLAIMS GUYS (all upper case) on the blank envelope. No stamp is required.


We will be in touch

The Claims Guys will assess your circumstances based on the information provided in your completed Questionnaire and from conversations we have had with you. If we think you have a case, we will submit a Complaint to your Bank and keep you updated.

Is there anything else I should consider?

If your Claim is upheld, this may indicate that the PBA is unsuitable for your needs and it may be appropriate to cancel or downgrade your Account.

For Further information on the PBA claim process please view our Key Facts Sheet

PBA Key Facts

You do not need to use a claims management company to make your Complaint to your Bank, and if your Complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) yourself for free.