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Plevin PPI (Unfair Commission)

The Plevin Case

In 2006, Mrs Plevin was sold a PPI policy to cover her secured loan from Paragon Personal Finance Ltd. She was not told that over 71% of her PPI premium payment was commission, paid to the Lender. After finding this out, she took her Claim to Court alleging that her relationship with Paragon was unfair due to the non-disclosure of commission and the percentage of the PPI premium that was commission. The Supreme Court ruled that failure by the Lender to disclose to Mrs Plevin the large commissions payable out of her PPI premiums created an unfair relationship, between her and the Lender. Mrs Plevin was awarded compensation for this.

You may be interested to learn that according to the Regulator, the average commission banks were paid for PPI policies was 67%i.


If your Lender(s) failed to disclose commission(s) which you paid for your PPI policy(ies) they may have created an unfair relationship. Our Legal Partner, TCG Legal, can assist you with making a Claim to your Lender.

Please view our infographic which provides more information.

What is PPI?


Can you make a Plevin PPI Claim(s)?

The answer is ‘Yes’ if:

  • You have not already complained about the mis-selling of PPI
  • Your Lender has previously defended your PPI Complaint
  • Your PPI Complaint was handled after August 2017, and you did not receive a full refund of all of the money you have paid for a PPI policy(ies) (You may have received an offer for Compensation for only part of the commission paid towards your PPI policy(ies). We believe that there are cases where a higher level of Compensation should be awarded.)

The answer is ‘No’ if:

  • You have received all of the money you have paid for a PPI policy(ies). In which case you will not get back more money. This is because there is no remaining loss that you need to claim back.

The first thing we need to do is to establish whether or not you had a PPI policy(ies). Simply click on the link below and we can investigate this for you.

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Who sold PPI?

We have provided a list below of some Lenders who could have sold you Payment Protection Insurance (PPI):

Who sold PPI?

How does the Plevin PPI Claims Process Work?


To start your Plevin PPI Claim(s) contact The Claims Guys using our online form. Alternatively contact us on 0800 082 2200 to speak to one of our team.


We will conduct a PPI Check(s) with your Lender(s) to identify potential Plevin PPI Claim(s).


Potential Claim(s) Identified? We will send you a Legal Pack to complete in order to refer your Claim(s) to our Legal Partner, TCG Legal.


TCG Legal will prepare and present your Claim(s) to your Lender(s), which may include making a Court Claim(s) against your Lender(s). A Fee of 20% plus VAT will be payable to TCG Legal on all successful Claim(s), unless legal action is required. If a Court Claim(s) is made against your Lender(s) and your Claim(s) is successful a Fee of 40% plus VAT, will be charged. Find out more here