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Missed The PPI Deadline?

A recent Court ruling, commonly referred to as Plevin could mean that you may still be due Compensation for your PPI policy(ies).

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If following the PPI Check(s), we identify a potential Plevin PPI Claim(s), our Legal Partner The Claims Guys Legal (TCG Legal) can prepare and submit the Claim(s) to your Lender(s), which may include making a Court Claim(s) against your Lender(s).

Why use The Claims Guys?

One of the longest established and most successful claims management companies.

Established in 2009, we have spent over a decade helping our customers with PPI Claims. So your PPI Check(s) will be in experienced hands.

The Claims Guys can do a PPI Check(s) to identify any potential Claim(s) for undisclosed commission(s) (Plevin PPI Claims) and refer you to our Legal Partner, TCG Legal to proceed with your Claim(s).
We do not charge for this service, instead we receive a payment from TCG Legal, for any successful Claim(s).

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How does the Plevin PPI Claims Process Work?


To start your Plevin PPI Claim(s) contact The Claims Guys using our online form. Alternatively contact us on 0800 082 2200 to speak to one of our team.


We will conduct a PPI Check(s) with your Lender(s) to identify potential Plevin PPI Claim(s).


Potential Claim(s) Identified? We will send you a Legal Pack to complete in order to refer your Claim(s) to our Legal Partner, TCG Legal.


TCG Legal will prepare and present your Claim(s) to your Lender(s), which may include making a Court Claim(s) against your Lender(s). A Fee of 20% plus VAT will be payable to TCG Legal on all successful Claim(s), unless legal action is required. If a Court Claim(s) is made against your Lender(s) and your Claim(s) is successful a Fee of 40% plus VAT, will be charged. Find out more here

Why use TCG Legal?

TCG Legal are a firm of solicitors who are experienced in investigating, negotiating and settling litigated Claims against Lenders.

The main focus of TCG Legal is Plevin PPI Claims and as such, they are familiar with all the issues that surround challenging the Lenders for their failure to disclose high level commissions they earned from the sale of your PPI policy(ies).

TCG Legal’s success rate for these Claims is very high, and the majority of Claims are settled without having to attend Court. *

*Over 95% success rate for Claims up to 30/09/2019. Over 95% of Claims up to 30/09/2019 resolved prior to a Court Hearing.

What is a Plevin PPI Claim?

Historically, when Lenders sold PPI they failed to disclose the commission(s) they received, which was taken out of the PPI premiums paid by consumers. So whilst consumers may have thought the premiums were for their cover, some of it was actually commission(s) paid to the Lenders for the sale of the PPI policy(ies). A Lender’s failure to disclose commission(s) may have created an unfair relationship with the consumer. Following a Court ruling, commonly known as the Plevin ruling, if this applies to you, this money can be claimed back and that’s where we can help.

You can find out more about Plevin, and how a Plevin PPI Claim differs from a mis-sold PPI Claim, in our handy Plevin FAQ

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Some PPI Claim Facts

71.8% of Mrs Plevin’s PPI Premium was taken as commissioni
According to the Regulator, the average commission Lenders were paid for PPI policies was 67%ii
We have claimed back over £950 millioniii since 2009 for our customers.
Average value on TCG Legal Plevin Claims is £3,300.46**

**Figure shown before any applicable Fee is deducted. Average calculated against successful Claims between 01 December 2018 and 06 August 2019.

iii Figure shown before any applicable Income Tax is deducted – calculated up to September 2019.

Is there anything else I should know?

You do not need to use a claims management company to assess your eligibility for a Plevin PPI Claim(s). You are free to seek advice elsewhere and are able to proceed with your Claim(s) directly through an alternate solicitor.

A Plevin PPI Claim differs from a financial mis-selling Claim as the basis of the Claim is the potential unfair relationship created by the Lender’s failure to disclose commission. However, as a Plevin PPI Claim is made in respect of the sale of a PPI policy, it is affected by the PPI Deadline. Currently, the only way to make a Plevin PPI Claim(s) is through a litigated Claims process, which may involve TCG Legal making a Court Claim(s) against your Lender(s) on your behalf.

You can find more information about TCG Legal and their litigated Claims process here.

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Secured, Unsecured


Car Finance

Personal, Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase


Credit Cards, Store Cards & Catalogues


You can make a Plevin PPI Claim(s) against lots of different Lenders…

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The Claims Guys were very thorough at getting my claim sorted for me, and got me a pay back which was great."

Mr Green

The Claims Guys were great! Didn't have much information for them at all but they managed to find out I was owed some money. I didn't have to keep phoning them, they kept me up to date with everything. Would definitely recommend these guys, so thank you."


Very reliable and genuine and helpful all the way. Thank you for getting me my money back."


They were great, kept me up to date with what was happening, always pleasant. Thanks, The Claims Guys, for getting my PPI."


After being told there was nothing to claim by another firm, The Claims Guys found me compensation. They were polite and took interest in us, altogether a pleasant experience."

Ms Halls

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