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If you have worked from home since April 2020 our partner, The Claims Guys Legal, could help you claim a tax refund worth hundreds!

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IMPORTANT SERVICE UPDATE: As of 29 June 2021, The Claims Guys stopped providing mis-sold product and unfair relationship claims services. Click here for more information.

Work From Home Tax Refund Claims

Worked from home for at least one day since April 2020? Find out if you can make a claim.

Our Partner, The Claims Guys Legal, could help you claim up to £125 a year in tax relief.

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The team at The Claims Guys Legal will review the information you provide and submit your claim to HMRC. You’ll be kept updated as your claim progresses.

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You’ll receive a tax refund of up to £125 for each tax year you worked from home.

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How is my tax refund calculated?

47% of employees worked from home in April 2020 and millions of employees have since continued to work from home. You can claim the full tax allowance for the year even if you only worked from home for one day. Your tax refund will be based on tax relief of £6 a week over the year.

The amount of relief you can claim and the subsequent refund you receive will depend on your tax rate…

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PPI Tax Refund claims

If you have had a successful PPI claim with us in the last four years, we may have been in touch to let you know that you could claim back 100% of the tax your lender deducted from your PPI settlement.

We work with HMRC registered Tax Agents who can progress PPI Tax Refund claims on your behalf, as well as other types of Tax Refund claims. For more information visit our Tax Refund claims page

How do I make a PPI Tax Refund claim?

If you are eligible to make a PPI Tax Refund claim we will get in touch with you via email, SMS and telephone to help you get started with your claim. Look out for our email and SMS which contain a link for you to start the claims process online!

Why was tax deducted from my PPI offer?

A PPI offer made up of 3 parts: a refund of the PPI premiums paid to the lender,  a refund of any additional interest you were charged due to the PPI premiums, and  compensatory interest calculated at 8% per year since you took the PPI.

Compensatory interest is considered taxable. Due to this, before your lenders paid you the compensation, they took 20% of your compensatory interest and paid this to HMRC as tax.

Why could I be due a PPI Tax Refund?

In 2016 the government launched Personal Saving Allowance that allows most taxpayers to earn up to £1,000 in savings interest; tax free.

Since then, whilst most interest on savings has been passed to consumers without any tax being taken off, lenders have continued to deduct 20% tax from PPI compensation – meaning you may be due 100% of the PPI tax you paid back.

What about other types of Tax Refund claims?

We are working with our tax agent partner, Brooksdale Ltd, to provide our customers with the oppourtunity to claim tax refunds dating back 4 years for other tax allowances you may be entitled to such as working from home, employment expenses and marriage allowance. We’ll be in touch soon to let you know how we can help. Look out for your emails and SMS so you don’t miss out you could be due £100s in tax refunds.

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